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Drop-Off of Copies

If you will be visiting us in person, you do not need to complete the order form as we will review the information with you in person. However, please be sure your page order is correct before leaving the sets for binding. Responsibility for correct order rests with the writer, not the binder.

Our hours of operation are:
Monday - Friday: 9:00am-4:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am-noon

Shipping of Copies

Please ensure your copies are properly collated and clearly separated, preferably by a colored sheet of paper. Responsibility for correct order rests with the writer, not the binder. Do not use binding clips or rubber bands to separate your copies as these items can leave impressions in, or cause tears to, the pages.

Select an envelope or box that allows for cushioning around the page sets. Packaging that "just fits" your paper can have a rough trip, and if it partially opens during transit, will expose your pages to potential damage. To prevent movement during shipping, filler (packing peanuts, balled up newsprint) should always be used to fill any space not taken up by the printed pages.

Your collated copies, along with the completed order form, should be shipped to:
Long's-Roullet Bookbinders
Attn: Karen
2800 Monticello Ave.
Norfolk, VA 23504

General Information

If you are binding multiple copies different ways, please use one form to indicate your various choices. If you are submitting copies for more than one person, please use one form per individual person/title. If you have MS Word, you can type in your information before printing the form. If you do not, please use the PDF version, print it out, and manually fill in the information. Please do not e-mail the form or forward it under separate cover if you are shipping your page sets to us.

Please confirm proper page order prior to drop off or shipment of page sets. While it is sometimes possible to “switch out” incorrect pages after the books have been bound, it is not a perfect process, and the alteration can usually be noted. There is a minimum charge of $8 per volume to switch out pages, and that assumes that the original cover can still be used. If missing pages are added, the original cover may no longer fit the binding. It is best to be absolutely certain your pages are correct BEFORE submitting your material for binding!

Foldouts. If your thesis/dissertation contains foldouts, please indicate this on the order form in the "Cover Material" header section. If you fold these extended size sheets to be flush with the edge of the 8.5"x11.0" pages, we will not be able to trim the pages on the side of the fold (the binding process includes a 3-way trim to clean up the edges and ensure everything is even). If possible, sheets should be folded so that the fold is at least 1/2" from the outer edge of the paper, and 3/4" from the binding edge.

It is suggested that a 1" margin be used when setting up your page preferences. Paper that is text stock (minimum 20# weight) and grain long binds the best. (Please see Xerox Corporation's explanation of paper grain.) Cover stock weight paper and photo paper do not bind well, and cannot be accepted for binding. If you have used different types of paper for different recipients, please use a post-it note to indicate which type of binding to use on each set.

We do not contact you upon receipt of your order unless there is a problem. If you would like confirmation of receipt of your shipment, please e-mail Karen when you ship the order stating that you have done so, and a reply will be sent when your order is received.

Thank you for selecting us to assist you with this step in achieving your degree!

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