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Cover Options: Different cover materials can be used together to create a more unique look. Marbled paper is attractive when used in combination with other cover materials.

Custom Cover and Spine Layouts: Layouts can be tailored to your specifications. You may choose handset type over computerized type (additional fee will apply), or the addition of ribbon place markers. If you print your pages out to send to us but want your finished book size smaller, we will trim the pages down to size prior to beginning the binding process. Contact us for guidance on setting margins properly.

Foil Stamping: Panel lines, scripted rules, and fleurs de lis as well as custom logos and seals can be foil stamped onto your cover.

Marbled Paper: Marbled paper provides an alternative to the standard cream-colored endsheets.

Raised Spines: Add style and a traditional look to finer bindings with raised spines. Please note this technique works best on spines that will have a horizontal layout imprint, and a minimum 3/4" spine thickness.

Overlays: This is a great option when you want or need to have your book rebound but do not want to lose the look of the original binding. A new cover is constructed, and the original cover trimmed down and mounted onto the new binding. This can be done when converting paperback books into hardcover, when rebinding an older cloth binding (the cloth is peeled away from the original boards), or when rebinding a hardcover (original paper cover is peeled away from the original boards).




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