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  Library binding is well-suited for authors who are self-publishing their work, for printers who do not have library-binding capabilities on-site, or individuals who would like to make and distribute just a few bound copies among family and friends.

We are happy to work with you to create the cover style that will give your book the look you want, either from the materials we have on hand or special order of a particular material and/or color. We can also coordinate with a graphic designer or printer to have a cover custom designed, single-side laminated, and used instead.

Please note: we do not provide publishing services, so we do not handle ISBN numbers, though we will ship completed orders to multiple locations upon request.

On Site Printing Capabilities Now Available!
You have the choice of shipping your page sets to us for binding, or e-mailing us a PDF file for black/white or color printing at our facility. If you would like us to print your page sets, simply download our order form, complete it and save it as an attachment in an e-mail along with your PDF file. E-mail both to and we will confirm receipt when it is opened.

  • Paper Grain. The smaller the book, the more noticeable it will be if a book is printed against the grain. An excellent explanation is provided by Xerox and can be found on their website by following this link. What does this mean for you? If your paper is grain long and you want your book to be 5.5"x8.5", if you print your pages 2-up, you will then be printing against the grain, and the pages of your book will not fan gently, but rather resist being turned. Instead, you should purchase paper that is grain short, or use the grain long paper but print the pages 1-up centered on the paper with a portrait layout.

  • Margins. A good general guideline is a margin of 1" on all 4 sides. This will ensure the pages do not look "crowded" with text or images, and futhermore that the printed portion does not run into the gutter (binding edge) of the book.

  • Page Sets are "Ready to Bind". If you ship page sets to us for binding, they must be fully collated and separated with something distinct (i.e. color piece of paper, manila folder). Do not use rubber bands or binder clips as they can tear the pages. We have the ability to trim sheets to size prior to binding upon request (i.e. if you print onto 8.50x11.00" paper with margins set for a 6x9" book, we can prep the sheets for binding as long as they are provided already collated). A cut charge will apply based on the number of sets.

Pricing is dependent on the quantity of books you have, the desired cover material, and complexity of imprinting. We are happy to provide you with an estimate if you can provide some information on what you envision the completing binding to look like. E-mail Karen with details on your binding, and she will provide you with a quote.




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