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If you have an extremely unique and/or old book, you may want to have it restored to more closely resemble its original binding. In this case, you may want to consider a cover of linen, marbled paper, genuine or imitation leather, or a combination. These books are usually hand-imprinted (as opposed to the computerized imprint machine), so a variety of imprint layout options are available. These include different fonts and typefaces, as well as head and tail lines, and die cast design imprints (i.e. fleur de lis).

If the original binding on your book is still strong, and only the cover has come off (but is still in good condition), we can usually reattach it. If recasing is not possible, sometimes the original front and back covers can be used, and a new spine constructed in a style complementary to the style of the cover boards.

TOP LEFT: Construction of new spine, with restoration and use of original front and back cover boards.
BOTTOM LEFT: Recasing using the entire original cover.

Please note that the restoration services we provide are appropriate for people seeking to rebind a book without concern of the effect of the restoration work on the book's value. Generally speaking, any alteration to a book does devalue it. If you are seeking to rebind a book with true period style binding, we suggest you consult a specialist. For such binding jobs, we recommend Jill Deiss of Cat Tail Run Bindery.




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