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We offer an affordable way to have these larger publications bound to provide an attractive method of permanently preserving them. Choose from our 20-color selection of buckram, with imprinting in gold, silver, black, or white. Standard price includes title, volume, months, and year on the spine only with our computerized type. Front imprint and handset type is available for an additional charge.

If you are preparing newspapers for eventual binding, it is best to store them flat, in the manner in which they will be bound (i.e. as opposed to the manner in which they may be mailed). Newspapers will bind better if inserts are omitted.

All bindings receive a "three-way trim" to clean up the edges. Newspapers tend to vary slightly in size from issue to issue (some more than others), so please keep in mind that this may affect the amount of trim that is possible. Additionally, there are times when the 3-way trim results in a slight trimming of printed parts of the paper (especially if the margins are very tight). If this is a concern for you, you have the option of requesting "no trim" on your volumes. However, please consider that the end result will not be as neat and uniform as volumes that are trimmed.



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