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You don't have to be affiliated with a library to take advantage of library binding! From just one book up to a few hundred, our process is designed to be flexible and affordable, all while ensuring you receive attractive, durable bindings.

Two choices are available for imprinting of your cover: computerized type and handset type. The System 2 is an automated machine that is used for most of the work that we do (see samples at left). It receives a pre-formatted digital file that includes the text information as well as the alignment of the imprinting, so it is both fast and accurate. If your project requires a more unique layout, including use of die plates, imprinting can be done on our hand imprinter.

Choosing an imprint color. As a general rule, use lighter imprint colors on darker color materials, and vice versa. This will create the highest contrast (for instance, you would not use black foil on a navy blue cover). See the samples on the left.

Die Casts of Logos or Seals. This service is most economical when numerous volumes will be bound. If provided with camera-ready artwork of your desired logo/seal, we will have a die cast made that will then be imprinted onto the cover of your books. Because of the imprinting method used in library binding, dies with detailed artwork DO NOT imprint well. Rates vary based on desired die size, but typically cannot exceed 5 inches long by 3 inches high. Please note that use of custom die plates may increase the turnaround time of your binding job.

Traditional Embellishments: Panel lines, scripted rules, and fleurs de lis can be added not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for sectioning off areas of the spine, which can simplify identification of individual books and sets of volumes.

Specializing in Thesis Style Bindings
We offer high-quality, economical binding of theses and dissertations. This binding style is also well-suited for creative writings and family genealogies. Standard pricing includes computerized imprinting, or you can choose to pay more for a customized, handset imprint.



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