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Your Bible can be rebound in any of the cover materials we offer, and may be done as hardcover or as flex/soft cover. Please note that our flex/soft cover binding method may differ from your original soft cover binding. Your flex/soft cover may seem stiff at first, but will become more flexible as you use the Bible. However, please note that it may never be as soft as the binding that is being replaced.

Prices listed below include the rebinding, new ribbon page marker, and imprinting of "Holy Bible" on the spine and/or front. Bibles can be personalized with a name or more detailed imprinting for an additional fee. When deciding what price tier your Bible falls into, please measure the page size, not the original cover size.

Bible Pricing Tiers

(up to 6"x9")
(up to 9"x10")
(9"x12" and larger)
Buckram or Linen
add $7 for flex covers
$50 $65 $90
Genuine Leather $70 $90 $250
Recasing + $25 $35 $75
Cover Restoration N/A N/A $300
+ Regular and oversized Bibles whose cover has pulled away from the text block, but whose cover is still in good condition, can often be recased. With this process, the text block is strengthened or rebound, and the original cover reused. Ribbon markers may be added at this time as well.

Additional Information

How long will it take? Standard sized Bibles take approximately 6 weeks to rebind. If you have requested your Bible be recased into its original cover, the turnarond time averages two weeks. Family/pulpit Bible restorations take about 6 months.

What is the best method of shipment? We have received things various ways - USPS and UPS being the most common. The most important thing is to pack the Bible tightly so there is minimal shifting while it is in transit.

What is the average shipping charge? Return shipping through UPS Ground Service averages $8-15. USPS Priority Mail is also an option, with pricing averaging $13.30.

Do you overlap the cover to protect the pages? The covers we construct incorporate an overlap of approximately 1/4" to create a "shield" for the pages.

What is the endsheet?
The endsheet is one continuous piece of paper, both at the front and back of all books, that adheres the text block to the cover. Many people like to mount things to the endsheets or write notes on them. While we must use a new endsheet in the binding process, we can incorporate your original endsheets upon request. If you select black for the cover of your Bible, we will use a black endsheet (making no writing possible on the endsheet). All other cover colors receive a white endsheet (shiny on one side, with writing possible on the opposite side). Hardcover buckram and linen bindings receive a natural/cream endsheet, of which both sides can be written on.

Do you save all the original pages? Yes, however, if pages are too damaged for us to work with, they will be returned to you in an envelope. Also, if you have notes/signatures on the endsheets (the page that is glued to the front/back cover, as well as the first "flyaway" page, it is helpful if you let us know if you would like (1) the sheet that is glued to the covers copied and bound in, and/or (2) the first flyaway page bound in (or just returned loose). Please note: if you have inserted momentos (i.e. pressed flowers, newspaper clippings) or loose notes, it is best if you remove them prior to shipping us your Bible.

Please complete and include our form (see links to right) when you submit your order. If you have MS Word, you can type in your information before printing the form. If you do not, please use the PDF version, print it out, and manually fill in the information. Please do not e-mail the form or forward it under separate cover.

Please note that payment is due prior to the order being returned. Shipping is not completely known until the order is packed. It is most convenient if you provide a Visa or Mastercard that can be billed at the time of shipping. If this is not possible, we will call you with a total, at which time you can provide the number over the phone, or forward a check.

Bibles should be shipped to:

Roullet Bookbinders
Attn: Karen
2800 Monticello Avenue
Norfolk VA 23504



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